Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sharjah – The Next Property Investment Hub

Sharjah is one of the most popular emirates of the UAE. It is known across the globe for its cultural richness. Sharjah houses the famous Al Jazeirah Fun Park and the Al Buheira Corniche which are children’s hot faves.

All these attractions for the city mean that it is a great place for investment in the real estate. Already the property market in UAE is flourishing and the attractions that Sharjah boasts makes it even more rewarding. If you are looking forward to investing in Sharjah property, mortgage is the thing to do. Taking the current trend in real estate investment into account, property values have a 5%annual increase rate. Another great investment option is Sharjah’s rental property. Lots of tourists head to Sarjah on vacation which means that investment in Sharjah’s rental in property can bring you big profits.

If you rent a property in Sharjah, you can hardly make even a minute change in it as per your desire or requirement. But if you own one, you have a free hand and you can make the desired changes. All you need is approval from a planning office. You can make the changes work for your benefit by raising your property’s rent. You will simply be spoilt for choice when it comes to Sharjah property. You’ll find everything from a one or two bedroom apartment to a house. And if your budget allows, you can go for a normal villa or a beach villa. Even investment in commercial property such as office is not out of bounds for you.

If the unlimited property options offered by Sharjah leave you indecisive, you can seek professional consultancy of real estate agencies. They will provide you all the necessary information including the legal procedures involved in Sharjah property investment.

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