Sunday, July 27, 2008

Need for Affordable Housing In Abu Dhabi

With the heavy dependence on low-paid expatriate employees and upward rent pressure, residential developments for laborers are becoming an evermore important facet for real estate developers. Department of Planning and Economy (DPE) cautioned that the city faces a housing challenge as the demand-supply proportion in middle and lower-income remains unequal.

Government officials have the opinion that developers were focused too much on high-end properties, neglecting the provision of more inexpensive housing, and floated the idea of forcing companies to allocate 20% of their housing units to low-income families. Commenting on the situation of low income group housing problem one expert said: 'The housing shortages are well recognized and nowhere is it more acute than at the lower end of the market. The Government has long acknowledged the importance of providing accommodation for workers in Abu Dhabi. In order to tackle this problem real estate developers of Abu Dhabi have started taking measures to regulate the quality of the accommodation and provide a good environment for residents.

The availability of low-cost housing is an integral part of attracting international businesses to relocate to the emirate. The main concern of the developers should be the quality according to international standards and specifications and will be model residential cities with residential areas, recreational areas, restaurants, health clinics, public areas and parks, and mosques, along with all the essential services.

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