Monday, October 27, 2008

Dubai – Future’ Economic Power in Middle East

It is one thing to create a flourishing economic state. But it is quite another daunting task to keep the flag high in spirits years later. As the current rulers in UAE are basking in the glory of oil rich reserves, the same may not be the case for ever. Like every other natural reserve, even oil will vanish. Then what? Will the economic dream run end? Will the riches become obsolete? Will the expatriates look for more lucrative pastures? There are too many questions to be answered if Dubai has to remain a leader for long in the Middle East. Administrative capabilities, leadership qualities have to be nurtured in the next generation to carry forward the legacy.

Is Dubai equipped to face realties of unbroken dreams? The image cannot be tarnished as long as local youngsters are eager to participate actively in the economy. If one has to take an honest look, there are not many areas of development for locals other than become sponsors for talented foreigners and professionals. Local youth still are shy about becoming active participants in booming sectors. There are not many programs for the youth in the region to nurture and develop. The rulers are not turning a blind eye to this serious problem. In fact they are encouraging the research and Development wings of various sectors to let the younger generation to find their talents. In keeping with the progressive attitude, the Dubai Medical College has already registered a 100 % increase in various faculties.

The younger generation is showing some interest in science and medicine. This is an encouraging indication. The youngsters are also being urged to join other sectors where sustainable developmental projects are the driving force. The education system has improved also which will eventually help to churn out the best brains.

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